Moon Games Casino Reveals Tablet Popularity Among Customers

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There have been a lot of changes to online casinos over the past few years. There was a time when players only played on their laptops and desktops. Then there was the smartphone craze, with the iPhone and Android devices allowing players to gamble wherever they were.

Online casinos have been revealing that recent trends indicate the popularity of tablets and phablets is at an all-time high. Players love handling casino apps on their iPads, Android or Windows tablets, or phablet phones that have 5 or 6 inch screens.

The past couple of years have seen a steady rise in popularity for larger smartphones. These phones are known as phablets, because they can serve both functions. They have cell phone service and are fairly portable, which qualifies them as a smartphone. They also have tablet like features, such as the ability to read books and magazines and perform basic computer functions.

Phablets have also helped players get a better feel for online casinos. The larger screen sizes and better resolutions allow for an immersive gaming experience. The best device for viewing online casino games is the iPad. That device has a near 10 inch screen in stunning high definition. Every little detail of the game stands out on the iPad. The Moon Games Casino has always evolved with the latest trends. They are not one to stand back and allow change to overtake them. Their mobile website is one of the best in the world. The speed, ease of access, selection of games and overall experience means that players enjoy playing Moon Games Casino’s mobile games.

They get their games from both NetEnt and Playtech, two of the best companies around. Recent games have been modelled in a way that ensures maximum enjoyment with tablet devices. The execs at Moon Games Casino know that their customers want a full tablet experience when playing these games, even if it is on a six inch smartphone.