Winning A Lottery Two Times In A Decade

It’s not every day that a person wins a big ticket lottery twice in a decade. But this is a claim Virginia Beach resident Ken Osborne can happily make. A week ago, Ken Osborne, general manager at the Ocean Condominiums along with his co-worker worked out a plumbing issue at the condo. On their way back Osborne and his co-worker stopped at 7-Eleven next to the property and purchased a Money Money Money scratch ticket. The two men went on to scratch the ticket together in the order of revealing the numbers first and saving the prize for the end. Once they had scratched the prize amount the two men stood in silence for a moment before reacting to the $500,000 winning ticket. Osborne who continued to play lottery after his $1 million lottery jackpot, kept winning amounts of $200 and $100 from time to time and said he did not win anything of “consequence” till recently again hit the second biggest prize money of $500,000.

Winning A Lottery Two Times In A Decade

The first win

Osborne had bought the first winning lottery ticket on Labor Day, nine years ago. The amount he won then helped him get through some really trying times. One year after his big win, Osborne was diagnosed with non-Hodgekin’s lymphoma, stage 4. The cancer had spread and he had to go through a number of surgeries, treatment for infections, and days of hospital stay. He was even told that he might not make it. Currently he is in remission. Apart from footing the hospital expenses, Osborne used the money to buy his wife the house she always wanted, along with a pool. He intends to use his current winnings to pay bills and keep the rest away as a contingency fund.

The 7-Eleven Store

The store that sold the winning ticket will receive $10,000. The owner of the store has promised free drinks for life to Osborne.