Guide to Cheap Hotels in India

Apart from the fact that there are great tourist destinations in India, you can also travel to India on a low budget. In fact, India is a backpackers’ paradise, all thanks to the many cheap hotels that are available. There’s no reason to freak out here because saving money on cheap hotels doesn’t really mean you will be sacrificing on comfort and great service. You will be able to find a lot of boutique hotels that offer about quality at affordable prices. Below, we list some of the cheap hotels in India so as to help you choose.

Cheap Hotels in India

Try any of the following cheap hotels if you are looking to save your money.


People who come here only come for the Taj Mahal, as well as Fatehpur Sikri. We understand, though, because this city is a bit uninspiring. However, for those that have the patience, there are a few cheap options which include homestay accommodations.


Chennai is known as the gateway to South India and there are some really cheap hotels there. For those that prefer a city hotel, they can stay at a cheap hotel that is not only clean but well-furnished as well.


We recommend Paharganj if you want a cheap hotel in Dehli. There are budget accommodations everywhere in this chaotic tourist district. You will find that some hotels are cleaner than others. For that reason, we suggest that you pay attention to that when choosing cheap hotels. Karol Bagh and South Dehli are also great options for cheap hotels.


Hampi is a place full of ruins and boulders and you will be able to find some really cheap furnished guesthouses there. Hippies will really love staying in Virupapur Gadde, which is a laid-back environment located on the edge of paddy fields.


Many tourists prefer coming here when they are on a budget. The accommodation here is very cheap, which has made Jaipur a top destination for many.


Here, if you are on a shoestring budget, you will be able to get an affordable, clean room. In addition, you will really love the view of the Fort.


You will be able to get yourself a decent budget hotel near the Khajuraho erotic temples. If your budget is alright, you will be able to get a place with a swimming pool. We suggest that you have a look around before settling so that you can get a hotel that you really like. One other great thing about this place is that the hotels usually have vacant rooms. That means you will be able to get discounts if you are lucky. However, there are people who get a commission for bringing visitors to certain hotels so be wary of those because you might end up being taken to the worst hotel.


The city has a colonial charm, which many tourists like. We suggest that you stay in the city center, preferably around Park Street and Sudder Street. You will be able to find some affordable guesthouses here. If you can afford, you can stay at the renowned Fairlawn Hotel.