International Flights Booking from India

There are a lot of internationally-based airlines that fly in and out of India. This leaves travelers with a lot of options, ensuring that you choose what’s best for you. We understand that you might have a lot of international flight questions and here, we are going to answer a few of those common questions.

International Flights FAQs

What comprises the fleet of international flights?

Aircrafts that fly internationally require a bigger space than domestic carriers. Therefore, you will find that international flights are larger. Some of the most popular aeroplanes are Airbus 380, Boeing 707, Boeing 727, Boeing 757, Boeing 767, Boeing 777, and Boeing 787. So far, Airbus and Boeing are the leading fleets that are used for international flights, as well as long haul flights. This is because they are large. In addition, these fleets come with rare passenger fatality records, flight control systems, the largest number of passenger seats, as well as other features.

What is the difference between transit and stopover on international flights?

In aviation terms, a transit is when, during indirect flights, you break your journey. When in transit, after the break at the airport, you will have to get back to the same aircraft. This break is usually brief, allowing you to get back on your journey in no time. Only one ticket is usually issued.

A stopover is when, during your flight journey, you have to stop at one, or more, cities. Each time that you stop, you will have to change your aircraft. Normally, the stopover will last 48 hours. However, the duration of the stopover is also dependent on the type of international flight that you are using.

How much baggage can I carry on my international flight?

You must understand that baggage allowance policies differ from airline to airline when it comes to international flights. In addition, your destination determines the weight of your free baggage allowance. Also, you will find that, depending on the airline, extra baggage allowance charges will also differ from airline to airline. To get the correct information, you can inquire with the airline or the travel agent that you would have booked with.

Should I book a seat for an infant on an international flight?

A child below the age of 2 does not require a seat when travelling. You will find that many international aircrafts have special baby bassinets. This is then fit in carry-cots that are specifically designed for infants. This means that booking a seat for your infant is completely optional. If you do decide to book a seat for your child, you will notice that the fare is cheaper than that of kids above 2 years.

What is the check-in time window for international connecting flights?

The check-in for international connecting flights starts 3 hours prior to the departure time. The check-in will close about 60 minutes before departure, and this depends on the destination. We strongly suggest that you book flights that have a minimum of 2-hours transit time in between. This ensures that you have enough time.

What are the different travel classes for international flights?

There are 3 types of travel classes for international flights, which are First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class. However, most airlines offer only Business and Economy Classes.