One great thing has happened in the Indian civil aviation industry; growth. The industry has grown a lot in the past few years. In fact, at the time of writing, India’s aviation industry is the third-largest in the world, only coming after china and the United States. Estimates show that by 2030, India will be the largest civil aviation industry in the world, as witnessed by the rapid growth in the industry.

Resultantly, we have seen a lot of airlines staring operations and SpiceJet is one of the carriers that offer its services to Indians. Since it started operations, it has become one of the h most preferred airlines because its flights are cheap. In fact, when you travel with SpiceJet airlines, you won’t see a hole in your pocket because it’s such a low-cost airline. Passengers all over India can rest assured that they will receive unbeatable prices from the carrier. In fact, SpiceJet boasts of being one of the 6th airlines with the lowest airfares while at the same time, offering the highest consumer value.

More and more Indians are now opting for air travel because it has become cheap, with air tickets costing just above a train’s first-class ticket. This has seen many people settling for airlines like SpiceJet, which caters to individuals who are traveling on low budgets, both for business and pleasure.

On-Board SpiceJet

The Sun group is the one that introduced SpiceJet to the public. The aim of the Sun Group was to offer unmatched ticketing costs in India. SpiceJet is not only affordable, but also very comfortable. In addition, this airline focuses on performing exceptionally, from the hospitality of the aircrew to the technical specifications of the aircraft. SpiceJet has trained all of its to be very smart, efficient, friendly, as well as knowledgeable. As soon as you board any of the SpiceJet airlines, you will find that the employees will do anything to make sure that you feel welcome and they make sure that they look after you throughout your journey.

Connectivity and Fleet Information

SpiceJet airlines have added the new-generation Boeing 737-800s, as well as the Boeing 737-900ER. The Boeing 737-800s is the more advanced of the two, coming with winglets. These aircraft are just perfect because they offer great comfort to passengers, which ensures that passengers fly comfortably. What makes these aircrafts a great plus is the fact that they are able to fly both long and short distances all over India, and able to withstand all weather cons=dition sin the country.

Services and Baggage Allowance

SpiceJet flights are very relaxing. Although SpiceJet does not offer complimentary meals to flights onboard, passengers will be able to buy beverages, as well as very delicious meals on board. If you are traveling with an infant, or are disabled, the staff will offer you some special assistance. The same special assistance is also offered to unaccompanied children. All you will have to do to receive this special assistance is to pay an extra fee when you book your flight ticket. If you or your wife is expecting, you will have to carry a certificate from the doctor which shows that you are allowed to fly.

SpiceJet allows a maximum of 20kg per passenger. You will also be allowed to carry one small handbag, as well as other small items like laptop, purse, camera, and others.